Brian Drennon – Military History

Brian Drennon had a an honorable career in the United States military as a combat aviator for the Air Force and a flight instructor form multiple branches of the military. His family background also hinted at his natural progression in the military, as described in an article on

Brian Drennon

“Captain Drennon is from a family of warriors. His father retired from the Army after flying helicopters in Vietnam; his brother was in Iraq with an Army Reserve unit; and then he spent nine years in the Air Force. These are the type of men who are making the commitment to fight and defend our country and our freedoms. Where would we be without them?”

“This plane carries a crew of four: aircraft commander/pilot, copilot, offensive weapons system officer, and defensive weapons systems officer. Missions of twenty plus hours in the air are not uncommon. And if you don’t think this is tough, just pick out a chair in your house, sit down, and then don’t get up for the next twenty hours. Compound the discomfort with putting on an oxygen mask and helmet, flying up to a height of 60,000 feet, refueling several times, perhaps dodging air-to-ground missiles, and then arriving on the target at exactly the right time with the other airplanes in your formation, and you can see this is a task not for the weak and faint of heart.”


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