Considering a career in the military?

An individual’s youth is often an exciting time where one is filled with energy and excitement towards the potential opportunities that lay ahead. It is also at this time in one’s life that the sense of patriotism runs deep, prompting some to apply to join the military. If you are thinking about forging a career in the military, then you are making a good choice.

Brian Drennon
Brian Drennon

Having a career in the military can be fulfilling and make maximum use of your talents and skills. The military makes special effort to train its young soldiers on crucial life and combat skills that help turn them into productive members of the society. Also, the military avails a number of branches through which one can establish a long and successful career.


The Army is the most visible branch of the military, and it is charged with providing the support required to gain control of conflict areas and stabilize regions. The Army likes to be well prepared for any eventuality, and thus is at the forefront of research and development of new weapons, supplies, and strategies for combat.

National Guard

Where the Army is called upon in overseas combat, the National Guard helps quell any unrest and strife on American soil. The recent past has seen a few instances where the National Guard was called in to bring peace, and more to that, the men and women of the National Guard also play a crucial role in assisting during natural disasters.

Brian Drennon is a nine-year veteran of the US Air Force, and flew more than thirty combat missions during Operation Freedom Iraq.


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